A Little More About Me

If variety is the spice of life consider me that tempting spice – sweet, subtle with a bit of a kick, making everything else that little bit better:

I’ve been told that I’m generous with my affections and attentions, but this is not to be confused with being selfless – I savour my various escapades. Lovers describe me as genuine and open minded (not to mention beautiful). I believe that physical connection – an exquisite way to get to know someone, and oneself – should also be celebrated as pleasure for its own sake.

I am university educated, with a love of art, film, travel and the outdoors – most especially the sea and anywhere warm and wild. Wild and wintry is also irresistible if combined with something hot; think saunas, scotch and log cabins in the woods.

I love good conversation, especially with people more experienced and world-wise than myself. Of course, fine conversation and flirtation is an aphrodisiac in itself, intensifying the physical connection.

I am equally at home in a cocktail bar as at the theatre. From dinner dates, burlesque to ballet – I love the anticipation and excitement of a date. What could be more fun than a few hours enjoying the city and each other’s company, followed by a little private one on one? I would love to be your London muse, exploring all the delights the city has to offer – myself included!

I have an extensive wardrobe to fit into any social occasion, including casual, and I love to dress up and to specific requests, such as a particular colour, lingerie, heels or stockings. Of course, once you have me undressed you’ll notice my lingerie collection is exquisite too, framing an exquisite body. I love being naked and the feeling of skin on skin, but I also love being undressed – slowly, piece by piece, or if the mood takes us flung off in the heat of the moment.

Did I mention I love to kiss?

Make a Date


Three’s company

Exploring a new lover is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and while the delights of one-on-one encounters are not to be denied, there’s certainly something to be said for expanding the circle every now and then. Whether you’d like to explore the experience of multiple lovers together with your partner, or you’d like to play with one of mine, the excitement and rush of a threesome is not to be missed.

Contact me to arrange a date or hear about some of our possible play partners.

Fantasy and Roleplay

Delighting in all the intricacies and possibilities of sexual connection, I also like to delve into fantasy and roleplay, of which there are infinite possibilities. I like to create a space where others feel free to explore their fantasies and sexuality. And while I have more than a few fantasies of my own and enjoy guiding lovers through new experiences, I also appreciate a lover who knows what they want. I love hearing about different fantasies and new play scenarios.

I am a natural switch, so I like to play both ways – sometimes more submissive, sometimes more dominant. Sometimes both in one date.

If you’re interested in a submissive partner, read more here
If you want to surrender to a more commanding hand, read more here
And if you’re unsure, simply contact me. As someone who enjoys both domination and submission, safely guiding new players into the world of fetish and BDSM is a speciality.

If you’re looking for a more girl-next-door kind of seduction, see here.



Gifts and tips are treasured and appreciated – but never an obligation. However for those who have asked for a hint of what I might enjoy the most, read on.

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