Mistress Lucy


onsider me the queen of misadventure, temptation and all kinds of trouble. Trouble there is no point in resisting – although it might be fun to try. Whilst I’ve been known to submit to an authoritative hand or two; I am a natural switch. My experiences in this regard leave me with an extensive knowledge and skills in the intricacies and subtleties of domination – whether physical, psychological or the sublime synthesis of both.

My bottom was built to be worshipped, my feet to be kissed, my skin to be caressed. I like to draw out pleasure until desire consumes one entirely. I love to throw a grown man over my knee and spank him until his cheeks are glowing, or keep him on his knees for my own satisfaction.

I’m known for my terribly effective aim by those who need to be punished, and for my unyielding knots by those I restrain. I have an extensive collection of butt plugs and dildos – beautiful objects delivering exquisite pleasure.

I love roleplay within a kink scene. Sometimes I use roleplay to start the ball rolling, or to set the scene, other times they form part of an elaborate all-day affair. Once we have established the parameters of play, the world is our oyster.  I appreciate a role play one can lose oneself in.

I like to combine the pleasures of sex (admittedly, my definition of sex is quite broad and inclusive) with the pleasures of domination. I am a tactile mistress.

While I don’t have a list of specific activities I offer – I prefer to tailor experiences to the individual –  I have broad tastes, experience and an open mind. Let me know what elements are important to you (or what you are simply curious about) in your introductory message, and we can go from there.


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