I believe that physical connection – an exquisite way to get to know someone else, and oneself – should be celebrated as pleasure for its own sake. Call it intimacy, seduction, a whirlwind affair or the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ (for me the term is a little elusive, though many would say that’s what I offer). I like to make genuine connections with those I see, but I believe that a genuine connection can also be made within certain time frames and boundaries. It doesn’t make it any less fun or less hot – quite the opposite.

For myself, I live for pleasure in all its guises. You could call me an outward looking hedonist – enjoying the pleasure of others, discovering other people’s desires, to tease and be teased. A good conversation. I have a definite mischievous side, and love stolen moments, connection of different kinds, intimacy and truly satisfying sex. I like to pay attention to all the elements that turn hot sex into mind-blowing sex – but also to give into the heat of the moment.

I’ve been told that I’m generous with my affections and attentions, but this is not to be confused with being selfless – I savour the memories of my various escapades and daydream plotting new ones. Lovers describe me as genuine and open minded in character, and I like to create a space where others feel free to explore their fantasies and sexuality without judgement and to the fullest enjoyment.

I love to kiss and be kissed, to receive pleasure and to give. My body is incredibly responsive, and I’ll only hold back in order to increase intensity.

As for our time together, it can begin over dinner or a show, or be spent entirely in the bedroom. Whisk me away to the countryside and I’ll show you how to really work up an appetite. Take me to the Opera and we can bask in the seduction of the performance, letting the erotic tension mount. I am equally at home in a whiskey bar as at the theatre. And I always relish the anticipation and excitement of a date. What could be better than a few hours enjoying the city and each others company, followed by a little (or a lot) of private one on one? I would love to be your accomplice in pleasure, exploring all the delights the London has to offer – myself included.

I have an extensive wardrobe to fit into any occasion, including casual, evening wear, cocktail dresses and business. My go-to style if we are meeting in public is discreet with unmistakable sex appeal but I need very few excuses to ramp it up.

Of course, once you have me undressed you’ll notice my lingerie collection is exquisite too. Being naked or at least scantily clad is my natural state (you’ve been warned).

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