Submissive Lucy


he seductive rush of power play has been secret fascination of mine as long as I can remember, and since I appropriated my cousin’s collection of ‘classic’ literature there was no turning back. I delight in struggle and submission, and all the moments of tension in between.

My bottom is pert and round – just perfect for spanking, caressing, and spanking again. I particularly enjoy being tied or restrained, shibari, rope and leather bondage – the complex and beautiful or the deceptively simple. But I am also adept at creating a heightened, charged dynamic that simply requires me and you.

Roleplay is a particular kink of mine; I love the rush of creative energy meeting sexual energy. This could be a simple scenario to kick off our time together, something more elaborate and deep, consensual non-consent or something light-hearted. Once we have set the broad parameters, we can improvise or plan it together beforehand.  I am always curious to hear new scenarios and like to create an atmosphere where you can feel free to express your desires.

While I don’t have a list of specific activities I offer – I prefer to have a conversation about what we might enjoy together and mutual boundaries – rest assured I have broad tastes and an open mind. If you have specific avenues you’d like to explore, please let me know in your introductory message.

Please note:
– Some submissive services may incur an extra fee
– In my experience the most mind-blowing encounters have always been preceded by a discussion around limits and desires, which are then respected throughout. So please expect at least a brief discussion before we get down to the fun stuff

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I am a natural switch and like to play both ways – sometimes submissive, sometimes dominant. If you’re looking for something more dominant check out my alter ego.

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